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If you have the time to get lost for a few hours (or days) in the random world of finding, no site beats archive.org. Well actually there are three. The other two are rhizome.org and ubuweb.com. But, archive is where I found what may be the two number one electronic composers currently on the planet. (Ever pick up on the nuance of ‘planet-small’ and ‘globe-huge’..?…the threat of ‘planetary warming’ is just too low caliber support the construction of a complete geo-social action template…plus there’s that inconvenient subliminal Clark Kent association). Without the presumption a fired-up critique would entail, let’s just say noisecollector is more interesting than what you’re listening to. I’ve been sampling and cutting them up into little soundtracks and they work to, “…put you in touch with what you know and do not know that you know,” as Burroughs once put it. Over the last fifth of the twentieth century, tattoos and pseudonyms have shot upward through popular culture like a pair of Akula class submarines on emergency blow. The pseudonym originated, I hypothesize, within a social segment engaged in activities requiring a layer of  anonymity in the neighborhood and the tattoo is a dissertation unto itself. At any rate, both have eclipsed what beads and dashikis ever were as contemporary emblems of one’s social consciousness and ideological orientation.  There’s also the thing about the shaved head with the goatee but, not right now. I’m willing to bet the rent that my main men Deadman and Digi Hartatak are sportin’ big ink. The url for noisecollector is epic long but thanks to html all you have to do is click on the link. Go there and pour all of their stuff into your pod.

Noisecollector / Deadman and Digi Hartatak

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