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The Model Perfect Idiot

Waves of righteous indignation are emanating from the House over Rep. Wilson’s recent breakdown while being tortured by left wing rhetoric.   It seems Rep. Wilson simply lost the ability to sustain  disbelief and cracked.   Were the shoe on the other foot, this would already have been blown off as another, “I misspoke and am sorry if anyone chose to be offended.”  Whatever.  Speaking of shoes, try these on for size, “cataclysmic deceptions,” “a President too transcendentally stupid,” “pathological Presidential liar,” “idiot in chief,” and, “you Mr. Bush are a bold faced liar,” which comes at 7 minutes, 20 seconds (clip aired 12/06/07).  For those keen on irony, be careful not to do a spit-take when you hear him say “irresponsible hyperbole.”  Also, substitute the names Obama and Biden as appropriate….holy moly, it suddenly all makes sense.


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