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Keeping the Record

Keith Olberman, the crowned hyena of hyperbole and erstwhile MSNBC political commentator, who is now……well,  we don’t exactly know what is he doing now…he may still be providing “commentary” on  MSNBC,  but since we’re not among the 84.6 people who watch MSNBC…we neither know, nor care.  Our objective here is merely to keep the record.  Keith Olberman’s  “Cataclysmic Deceptions”  rant aired on December 6, 2007.  At 2 minutes, 38 seconds we are informed by Mr. Olberman that Iran, “…abandoned its pursuit of “imminent” (nuclear) threat four years ago.”  So, because we’re good at math, we can deduce (thanks both to  Mr. Olberman’s personal insight and singular ability to divine peaceful intentions such as those of Shah Reza Ahmadinejad), that the issue in Iran is simply one of outstanding property taxes. It appears Iran’s nuclear bomb development sites are in arrears due to abandonment since 2003.  (In cases like this, we can sympathize with someone like Alger Hiss.  He, at least, chose a country to work for.  Mr. Olberman only has a country to work against.)

Thanks to useful idiots like Mr. Olberman, we now (2009) understand that Iran is receiving missiles from Russia merely for the purpose of defending their abandoned nuclear bomb development sites from inspection by Iranian tax assessors. Paraphrasing Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “(His) eyes make pictures when they are shut.”

We wish Mr. Olberman all the best in his new Teheran condo and hope his ululating lessons go well.  With luck, his new address won’t be in the flight path of the Israeli Air Force when the time comes to deal with reality. Inshallah, Keith.

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