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Wall Fell, “All By Itself”

Forensic studies,  initiated in February of 2009  by the Obama administration, have revealed that the erstwhile Berlin Wall fell due to “foundational anomalies unrelated to the structure of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,” who acted as the general contractor for the overall project.  Initially realized as a 96 mile long barbed wire fence, the USSR was later contracted to upgrade the structure of the Wall in specific locations.  Using concrete, steel, and additional supplies of barbed wire from an unnamed Siberian subcontractor, “the USSR endeavored to complete the work within both specifications and budget,” according to a US State Department official.   “Ultimately,  failure was simply a matter of time,” was the comment offered by a member of the current administration who, wishing to remain anonymous,  added, “It’s a good time now to come together and address the issues that face us on this planet which has many issues that confront us in our effort to bring real change to things that are meaningful to all people who are elements of the world’s  population all over the world.  Just because something falls down due to  it’s bottom crumbling  doesn’t mean it didn’t stand up for a significant amount of time.”  The unnamed administration official expressed hope that other countries might take the work as an example as they enter the stage of world events.

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