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Dumb and Dumber

We just can’t figure it out how, on the one hand, Barbara Ehrenreich can still, in the face of historical reality, believe in her beloved mythology, while on the other, Deepak Bhargava is so…well, this transformational change, redistributive change and social justice and economic justice business might be earning degrees for the lower tier students, but it lacks intellectual horsepower, let’s admit it.  Weren’t you guys supposed to be in Istanbul this week?  By the way, Barbara, the reason the Marxist economist was right in predicting recessions is that in a Marxist economy, recession is a constant. If we practiced architecture the way Barbara and Deepak practice politics, we’d be drumming our fingers on the table wondering what happened to the market for triumphal arches and general opportunities to glorify the regime with our neoclassical wonders. We believe their efforts are simply attempts to succeed in the free market of bad ideas. Give them both credit for, in their own misguided ways, caring. It’s just that they don’t care for the right things. Things like, opportunity, self-reliance, and the liberating spirit of freedom that have continually drawn immigrants to the US and away from workers’ paradises such as the USSR, Cuba, North Korea, and all the other tyrannical, failed utopian, social experiments currently (or soon to be) residing atop the ash pile of history (where the gots kept and the ain’t gots wept).

Power to the people! Down with the Shah! Grassroots!

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