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Balloon Boy Gore

Our “Shut Up Wish of the Week”

We’re all gonna die…but Al Gore (our “Shut Up Wish of the Week”) will get richer in the process. Wouldn’t the world be better off without so many deluded firemen trying to become heroes by committing arson and so many “shepherds” crying wolf? What is it about our system that makes a philosophy of deprivation so attractive? What pathology produces a person who feels called to impose his opinions on society? Opinions which are speciously constructed on the argument that those who disagree are, at best, simply inferior intellects, and at worst, maliciously in denial of imminent global disaster. Let’s reflect on the similarities between the firefighter arsonist and the global warming zealot…(and the universal health care reformer too, come to think of it). According to a study prepared by Hollis Stambaugh and Hilary Styron of TriData Corp., for the Department of Homeland Security titled, “Special Report: Firefighter Arson,” [http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/download/pdf/publications/tr-141.pdf] the profile of the firefighter arsonist conforms with the following characteristics:

  • Product of a disruptive, harsh, or unstable rearing environment
  • Poor relationship with father, overprotective mother
  • Poor marital adjustment
  • Lacking in social or interpersonal skills
  • Poor occupational adjustment

So, if we may review…

  • Daddy never home…hates me.  Mommy here…loves me
  • Tipper….hmm, no, yes, no,yes, no…”You’re due when?”
  • Gay lisp…
  • Couldn’t steal presidential election, wound up on this bandwagon

Let’s not forget profit motive.  Arsonists in this category expect profit from their fire setting, “…either directly for monetary gain, or indirectly to eliminate debt.  The key to this is the desire to cause the most possible damage in the least possible time.”   Well, hello and welcome to my Casino of Carbon Credits,  I’m Al Gore.  I invite you to spend liberally and, by the way, did you know that we’re all going to die?

It’s not like we don’t have enough to worry about around the planet without these hysterical Enviro-Queens, who continue to oppress Africa by proxy in their opposition to DDT, shriek in unison every time some rational thinker mentions nuclear power, and equate meat with murder. The greatest part of “environmentalism” is based on an epistemology of justification, known formally as the classical justificationist account of knowledge. In other words, justification is the reason to hold the belief and the reason the belief is true. A good dose of critical rationalism would work wonders here, but who needs Karl Popper when you have empiricism willing to work extended hours? Once upon a time, say as late as 1962, when adults still ran the world, these varieties of delusional commitment would have, rightly, been dismissed. Similarly, we’d dare any man, who wasn’t a Gypsy, to appear publicly in those days with pierced ears and a pair of diamond earrings. The Enviro-Queens need an intervention and that’s just what “Not Evil Just Wrong” is here to provide. To paraphrase a popular axiom, “Equal time is a bitch.” (Next week: Sheila Jackson Lee)


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