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Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington

I am huffing and I am puffing also and I am to blow the house down…that I in the other time was calling home.  I hate Arnold Schwartzenegger, but all foreigners are jealous of other foreigners aren’t they…it’s just axiomatic, no?  Particularly when some are more successful than others.  Or, when they become successful on their own, without having to marry the random “bisexual” natural gas tycoon, adopting to them their surnames  only after  divorce.  Life’s events are so mystifying…I am still so amazed that Girton decided to upgrade my BA to the MA, or that my Bernie decided, after we had so much fun facing the music, that sleeping Greek  was just not right for him, and finally, why the “voters just aren’t on board.”  Ah, it is so ironic, yes, when you think about it…do you not agree?… in a different life both I and the Aniston Jennifer could  be making still our livings on those small, sunny islands, pleasuring the ugly American.  Instead, here we are, being the ugly Americans ourselves.  But, I must be my own political animal.  It is so remarkable, is it not?  Please allow me to say that, for the time being, I will support all the big candidates who pledge to me their allegiance, yes?  Until then, apyotepa!

Also, do not ask me what is a progressive populist or why I am an accused (Maria Callas) plagiarist, or why on my web site it is not allowed the comment, or anything about Getty, or the Jerry Brown.  Thank you. I invite you to my site [www.huffingtonpost.com] so you may see how we offer our arguments in hair splitting terms…where we absolve Kevin Jennings (Obama’s Safe Schools Czar) of his predatory transgressions because his high school student victim was “above the age of consent.” In cases such as this, we feel the Huffington Post must ask, “Where is the egregious outrage?”

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