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Adlene Hicheur

Jihad is another example of the arsonist fireman pathology.  The operative delusion is that  great rewards will be showered upon the terrorist who commits  an act of murder or violence.  The terrorist is able to rationalize his action through a cognitive process  constructed to promise  individual absolution for crimes  in relation to the perceived magnitude of the crime.  In other words, the worse, the better.  This type of  mental illness is rooted in a  form of an aberrant Islamic culture that celebrates  death and  sacrifice for the sake of spiritual reward.  It is generated by a  spider web  of political deism, designed to supplant and obstruct other, more lucrative earthly opportunities.  This deist (and thus, unassailable) system manufactures terrorists who are motivated by a promise of  spiritual exoneration.  As victims of a form of psychological hijack, they are  taught that  their heroic status in the next world will be magnified in proportion to the level of  violence and damage their actions cause.

There is no defense against this form of motivation.  It is inculcated by projecting  beliefs which are, conveniently, separable from reality.  This ability to create a separate reality is the source, core,  and fuel of terrorism.  The world faces an assembly line of terror, administrated by socially privileged individuals who retain the ability to exercise control over an almost unlimited supply of  vassals in support of a murderous  agenda.  Terror will only be defeated by exposing  how these  “leaders”  of Islam  gratuitously consume, immolate, and sacrifice their populations for the sake of sustaining their hatred.

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