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Kill Islamist Terror

Wherever it is encountered or uncovered….wherever it is found…in secret urban lairs,  remote training camps, university classrooms,  penthouse suites, or in the psychosis of  hateful minds…Terror must be killed where it stands, wherever it is found…immediately. You Islamist radicals, who are committed to the extinction of the western world, need to know, for your own sakes… Stay home, enjoy a happy life with your families, and  worship the God you choose in peace.  No cultures are waging wars of judgment against you.  What conceit affords you the right to judge other cultures?  This is not an opportunity for reproach or ridicule by the Islamo-fascist hate mongers who monitor the web. You know in your hearts that Palestine is just a political excuse for hate. There is no alternative, except to kill you….because you perpetuate  a culture of violence.  You legitimize criminal acts  with a mythology of martyrdom and its imaginary rewards.  You rely on the leniency and openness found in societies which enjoy the freedoms you proclaim to despise.  Ultimately you are idle, unemployed, fanatics who worship hypocrisy, envy, and violence.


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