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Abdullah, Abdullah

(With apologies to William Faulkner…nobody tells the same story the same way…)
In his November 2nd article for NPR.org,  titled:   “Abandoning Afghan Election ‘Painful, Abdullah Says,”  Scott Neuman wrote:
Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah told NPR Monday that it was a “painful decision” to drop out of the race to unseat Hamid Karzai, as the ex-foreign minister reiterated accusations of “massive fraud” that made it impossible to go forward with a runoff vote.

The former foreign minister on Sunday dropped out of the planned runoff, scheduled for Nov. 7, after months of bitter dispute over the results of the first round in August.

“This has been a painful decision,” he told NPR’s Morning Edition. He said the election “has been painful for all the massive fraud that has marred the process.”

We always get a big kick when the  reformist who rode into town on a white horse, vowing to eliminate corruption, and clean house, etc., suddenlyreluctantly, and with great disappointment,  bows out in the face of…what?…Oh right, the massive fraud he vowed to eliminate.  In other words, the reason Abdullah decided to run for office is the reason Abdullah has decided not to run for office.

Did we just hear Lewis Carroll  do a spit take in the Afterlife?

Let’s admit it…the most “painful” decision for Mr. Abdullah  was how and where to deposit the payoff he leveraged from the Karzai administration.   What’s painful for us is  the transparent fallacy of Mr. Abdullah’s logic and the fact that (like Albert Gore’s erstwhile “iced tea” fundraisers) there is “no controlling legal authority.”

photo credit Musadeq Sadeq / AP





photo credit Musadeq Sadeq / AP

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