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Time to go to town. Sonic essays to get your mind off the serious issues and and back into the Joy Behar mode…where life is about you and your emotional reactions to the events of the day…think Rosie O’Donnell…there you go!…You’re feeling better already…accepting it…amplification will trump intelligence every time…
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“Big Bang Machine

An audio documentary of a monstrous malfunctioning apparatus created by Europeans to simulate the biggest bang in history by smashing small things against each other creating a black hole that nothing can escape from and that could possibly destroy the planet.


Pronounced (bay-har-doo-SHAY), a sonic examination of the art of generalizations, broad statements, arrogance and blood curdling and annoying raspy nasal speech.

Does Not Compute Too

The story of a young ambitious man who serenades the court of world opinion and seduces our enemies, both foreign and domestic, with promises of peace, prosperity and defenselessness.

Uses actual sounds from Radio Moscow, American news, political archives, 70’s pop culture, State Symphony Orchestra of the U.S.S.R. and an Alesis synthesizer.”

This audio is part of the collection: NoiseCollector

Artist/Composer: Digi Hartatak
Date: 2008-09-11
Keywords: castro; electronic; spoken word; dean; kerry; mailer; nixon; behar; rosie; brown; spock; nixon; byrd; sullivan; reagan; perot; mathews; obama; agnew; carter; iraq; bad news bears; soviet union; propaganda; history; wright; ayers; black panthers; weather underground; socialism; revolution; democracy; viet nam; war; racism; tyranny; dictator; communism

Creative Commons license: Attribution 3.0 United States

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