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Hate is Never Hungry

Here an excerpt from a recent Monkey Smashes Heaven blog, http://monkeysmashesheaven.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/fragging-statement-msh-and-anwar-al-awlaki/ MSH may be intended as NMH (Nidal Malik Hasan), but we acknowledge the possibility that usage and apocryphal  meanings  exist beyond our sphere of operation…That Anwar al-Awlaki has chosen to comment on the event is revealing in and of itself..

“The bourgeois media has condemned the horror of the shootings. However, capitalism-imperialism is the real horror. The continued existence of the US and other imperialist countries is the real horror. The US was born of the greatest genocide in human history. Amerikans exterminated a continent of Indigenous civilizations to make way for its racist empire. Millions of Blacks and Africans were killed and enslaved to make the US what it is today: the most murderous country that has ever existed. There is not a corner of the Third World that escapes the murderous grasp of US imperialism. Billions of people in the Third World barely survive, making less than 2.50 dollars a day, exploited by the US and First World. Billions live in poverty so that US and other First World populations live in luxury. Billions live under constant military threat from the imperialists. In Iraq alone there have been 100,000 to 600,000 violent deaths since 2003. In Afghanistan, there have been 12,000 to 32,000 civilian deaths since 2001.

Those who strike out against the real horrors of imperialism should be applauded, not condemned. Fragging has a long histoy. In the last century, fragging was a form of resistance practiced by Russian troops against their Czarist officers during World War 1 and the Bolshevik revolution. Fragging was also a form of protest against the genocide waged by the US against Vietnam.

Fragging is still a valid form of resistance today.  Not only does fragging hurt imperialist forces in a very direct way, fragging strikes a strong psychological blow against the enemy. Fragging demoralizes and destroys the enemy from within.

Islamic cleric Anwar al Awlaki, who knew Hasan earlier in life, had this to say about the events:

“Nidal Hassan is a hero. He is a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people. This is a contradiction that many Muslims brush aside and just pretend that it doesn’t exist. Any decent Muslim cannot live, understanding properly his duties towards his Creator and his fellow Muslims, and yet serve as a US soldier. The US is leading the war against terrorism which in reality is a war against Islam. Its army is directly invading two Muslim countries and indirectly occupying the rest through its stooges.

Nidal opened fire on soldiers who were on their way to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. How can there be any dispute about the virtue of what he has done? In fact the only way a Muslim could Islamically justify serving as a soldier in the US army is if his intention is to follow the footsteps of men like Nidal.

The heroic act of brother Nidal also shows the dilemma of the Muslim American community. Increasingly they are being cornered into taking stances that would either make them betray Islam or betray their nation. Many amongst them are choosing the former. The Muslim organizations in America came out in a pitiful chorus condemning Nidal’s operation.

The fact that fighting against the US army is an Islamic duty today cannot be disputed. No scholar with a grain of Islamic knowledge can defy the clear cut proofs that Muslims today have the right -rather the duty- to fight against American tyranny. Nidal has killed soldiers who were about to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in order to kill Muslims. The American Muslims who condemned his actions have committed treason against the Muslim Ummah and have fallen into hypocrisy.

Allah(swt) says: Give tidings to the hypocrites that there is for them a painful punishment –

Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do they seek with them honor [through power]? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely. (al-Nisa 136-137)

The inconsistency of being a Muslim today and living in America and the West in general reveals the wisdom behind the opinions that call for migration from the West. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold on to Islam in an environment that is becoming more hostile towards Muslims.

May Allah grant our brother Nidal patience, perseverance and steadfastness and we ask Allah to accept from him his great heroic act. Ameen” “

Thanks to Brother Monkey Smash and Brother Anwar…thanks so much for this lesson in tolerance, scholarship, and  political correctness….May Allah grant you what you deserve.

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