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Third video from Noisecollector’s Biggest Bang Machine…
“Third Video in the Biggest Bang Machine contraption of political and cultural mechanisms interlocked in a maniacal dance of insanity. Watch as unelected people in our own government like diversity czar Mark Llloyd praising Chavez and admiting that the Fairness Doctrine is not bad enough for free speech to be destroyed and that more work needs to be done by people other than whites.

Using actual recordings of our government representatives and original music to be released soon.

The Space Invader induced intro is actually more fish, whale and sonar sounds recorded with hydrophones over the last 40 years. Joe Biden gets down with some mangled noises and communist and socialist propaganda, civil defense films from http://www.archive.org. Finally some capitalist and anti-comminist propaganda mixed with Soviet, North Korean and Chinese anti-American images and communist propaganda.”

Ladies and gentlemen….please welcome….Noisecollectorrrrrrrr

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