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The Tyranny of Fashion

What is it about the politics of fashion that makes the up-and-coming  tyrant want to coordinate  his “look”  with those of his  predecessors in history?
This is a theory laden style that, although understated, clearly manages to convey to the world a sense of  dysfunction, murderous pathology, economic failure, incompetence, paranoia, deprivation, and ultimate social calamity.
The  feeling of absolute authority, heretofore embodied exclusively by drab green quasi-military outfits and ill-fitting suits, has evolved into a preference for drab green quasi-military fatigues and ill-fitting, poorly made suits.
Some recent attempts define  a certain individual  menace have been driven by the gray Primark jacket (available in the bazaars of Istanbul) and the red warm-up suit, but they remain outside of the historical mainstream.
Let’s begin with the poor relations over there across the Urals…old Yosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili…or Joseph Steel, or Joe Stalin to you…looking good in  his blood spatter resistant over-shirt, old Joe established a style that would prove hard to resist for  future despots with an eye toward governance through murder and intimidation.

The idea of fashion was certainly not lost on chairman Mao…he even incorporated it into his “cultural revolution.” Whether struggling on the long march, appearing in public with his little red book, at the office reviewing lists of counter-revolutionaries, or just lounging around the hut penning more disingenuous philosophy, his take on Stalin’s ensemble with the matching hat was never inappropriate.

Suddenly, there emerged a “rebel” on the political front….Sadly, his sense of rebellion was as dated as his choice of wardrobe…

Same old military-inspired styling…same old blood spatter resistant fabric, dysfunction, deprivation, and social backwardness…YET NO FASHION FORWARD THOUGHT……

There was a time, apart our previous three, when tyranny embraced fashion. With the initial support of a functioning economy,
dysfunction, murderous pathology, incompetence, paranoia, deprivation, and ultimate social calamity adopted a style of proto-military regalia that would ultimately serve as a template for late twentieth century South American and African “fashionistators”.

Here we can see the source of their jealous drab green deconstructions… mass murder looks smart in this coat and tie, accessorized with a clever hat and important papers carried in the left hand…..a fashion statement not lost on forward thinking despots of the future….

Limits on space require that we must skip over those many murdering lesser despots whose murderous extermination campaigns remain publicly recorded at less than six million.

Fashion suddenly takes a turn with the arrival of the North Korean “chairman of the hidden gulag,” ….in more ways than one…

Here we see the traditional blood spatter resistant fatigue fabric over-shirt boldly replaced by the blood spatter resistant gray jacket. This bold combination somehow simultaneously suggests a playful concept for the future of despotic fashion while acknowledging its gritty functional tradition. This combination will not be ignored by the up-and-coming despot with an eye for style.

And here we have it….true evolution in despotic fashion… suddenly, over an open neck shirt, a characterless gray jacket provides bright new alternatives to shop worn wardrobes of old. A simple gray jacket which can now openly say to the world, “I’m deranged and planning to significantly re-proportion human ethnicity.”

We here at tyrannyoffashion.com realize that beyond an invitation to a UN General Assembly rant, the occasion for more formal dress may arise.  In such cases we could do worse than recommend the crummy blue suit.

or the over-sized crummy blue suit…..

However, the most radical, vital, and influential trend in tyrannical fashion certainly must be the ultimate signifier of “popular equality”…

the classic Birthday Suit…

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