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Obama has lost twice…….What Would Reagan Do?

Upon his inauguration in 2008 as chief executive, Ronald Reagan would have announced his intention to commit 120,000 US troops toward the cause of ending  (what democrats have referred to as)  “the forgotten war”  in Afghanistan once and for all. History tells us that upon hearing this, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan would have immediately begun to devise a capitulation strategy.  What a difference vision and will play in the definition of a leader. President Reagan’s  inaugural announcement would have proactively provided  an  end to  the conflict without ever having to send one single additional US soldier to Afghanistan.

That’s how strength, confidence, and faith  deal with the issues of conflict and the challenges of war ….others dither and give the enemy great confidence.

Having missed his opportunity, Obama has lost twice….he  can neither return to a strategy of strength nor can he retreat from the promise of weakness.  Thus,  he traps himself into a plan to send an inferior force which will be ground up by a massing global army of  jihadists,  rushing  toward an open invitation for their eastern ideologies to succeed while western weaknesses are politically strong.

Lost twice…enabled by the strength of nuanced deliberations within a meditative, novice mind…

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