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Replace Green with Blue

Now that our suspicions have been confirmed by the recently published East Anglia CRU emails, it’s time to seriously think about how science might reorient itself away from a philosophy of sacrifice, privation, and doom toward ideas which might actually be useful. The scientific community could find the return to valid, optimistic and unbiased research as refreshing as it is liberating.
So many issues deserve the positive attention of science that it has truly been sad to see such a large proportion of the world’s intelligence focused on strategies designed to not only restrict human progress, but to reverse it.
Fear is not the source of achievement. It is disabling to achievement. Fear has driven climate science and closed the metaphoric door to the future. Instead of thinking about what can be done, climate science thinks about what can’t be done. Instead of exploring what is possible, climate science has defined what is impossible. In short, climate science has become the last venue within which capitalism, the free market, optimism, and progress are implicitly derogated. Climate science is not science. Climate science is politics. It is a political agenda of opinion and it has been heavily manipulated for the sake of controlling its message; a message camouflaged in “green.” The medium is the message, remember?
Who isn’t in favor of “green?” Green is healthy. Green is as emotionally appealing as it is philosophically irresistible. “Green” is the vanguard of a blatant propaganda campaign. The idea of “green” is brilliantly Orwellian, promising life while leading to stagnation and death.

It is time to replace “green” with “blue.” Blue skies are full of promise. Green is jealous and advocates a primitive life. Blue is poetic and suggests the confidence we find when we trust in our belief that much is yet to be discovered…provided we remain open to discovery.
From space the Earth is blue…would “green” ever have sent us to the Moon?
Does “green” stand for commerce, growth, real energy, peace, health, achievement, enterprise, or hope? No. “Green” stands for collectivism, deprivation, authority, restriction, and control.
“Blue” stands for freedom, future, hope, enterprise, prosperity, progress, peace, and possibility.

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