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Wafa Idris

Link below to a video from Memri TV  in which the story of  Wafa Idris is told to  a group of  children from central casting by an actor fully absorbed in his role as the wise, compassionate, and fatherly Sheik.  Wafa Idris was a Palestinian medical student who chose to end her life in Jerusalem as history’s first female suicide bomber on January 27th, 2002.  She broke new ground, so to speak.  The script is not the type which might examine how a young woman allowed herself to be destroyed by a culture of death, an agenda of hate, manipulative fanatics, and general social lunacy.  No, the script constructs a warm myth,  not around her act of murder,  but around her glorious martyrdom.   “Allah willing, we will all become like Wafa Idris.”  Ah, dear children, there will be no more birthdays for Wafa Idris. Wafa Idris is dead. Do you really want to become dead like Wafa Idris?  On the other hand, if every Palestinian became like Wafa Idris, a very large portion of the problem would blow away.


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