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Alice’s Inferno

We’ve only seen the trailer (link below), but our intuition is telling us to just go and, “Enjoy the director’s signature cinematic style, unique personal approach in adaptating the root work,  and application of narrative enhancing special effects.”    Well, okay but we’ll have to close our eyes at the beginning.  Why?  Because Carroll had Alice enter Wonderland by STEPPING THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  SHE DIDN’T GET THERE  BY FALLING  DOWN A HOLE.   So much for appreciating one of literature’s more elegant gestures.  Is it too strident to point out the mirror’s role as the critical device  that establishes the entire context of  Wonderland.  Appreciation of the story is dependent on the shift  in point of view implied by the mirror.   The mirror constitutes a plane of separation between  rational and irrational thinking;  between  ordered and chaotic society;  between predictable and unpredictable actions.  The mirror is the border beyond which Alice’s personal attributes of trust, faith, civility, and polity are transformed into distracting liabilities.  Absence of  the mirror undermines  the fundamental structure of Carroll’s juxtaposition between the logical and illogical  forces governing human behavior.   A  subterranean Wonderland detours the lesson by evoking  instead a perplexed Dante, in the place of Alice,  politely sipping tea with a fork-tailed Hatter.  The mirror established  the story and without it the substantiating frame of reference is lost.                          www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjMkNrX60mA

Mercury was used in the process of curing the felt for hats. Prolonged exposure to the residual vapor caused neurological damage.  Symptoms included, unlike Carroll’s Mad Hatter, “excessive timidity, diffidence, shyness, loss of self confidence, anxiety and a desire to remain unobserved and unobtrusive.” (Waldron, “Did the Mad Hatter Have Mercury Poisoning”  British Medical Journal 287 : 1961)

2/21/10…OK, we get the idea….It’s about Alice’s RETURN TO WONDERLAND….yeah, all updated and stuff…Johnny Depp doing a mad hatted Willie Wonka….snork…snork…wake us up. Oh, it’s time to go home? We were watching, but what happened after Alice fell 300 feet and hit that marble floor? Can we get Italian tonight?

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