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The More Detail, The Bigger The Lie

The recent assassination of  Mahmoud al-Mabhouh reveals  to us that  Hamas never wastes an opportunity to create a martyr of  whomever  it has decided to kill.   With revenge  for  Mabhouh’s  murder of  Ilan Saadon as the motive, a clumsy team of Hamas operatives was dispatched to Dubai by their Iranian handlers to eliminate Mabhouh who had entered the country under a  false passport on an assignment to procure weapons for Gaza.   When did Dubai become a center of weapons trade?  With whom was Mabhouh scheduled to meet?  An opportunity such as this, to discover and eliminate a covert supply of weapons represents a target of significantly greater value to the alleged perpetrators  than Mabhouh as an individual.  Thus,  revenge as the proposed  motive fails to agree with Mossad as the proposed perpetrator.  The scenario is irrational in light of the larger benefit contained in its construction.  It is far more credible to see this as an internal action in which Mabhouh was forwarded by Syria for his execution by Hamas  in an operation designed by Iran to exploit windfall propaganda out of what otherwise would have been another run of the mill intra-Hamas murder.  The selected location,  the  byzantine structure of the thing and the excessive number of people involved indicates that the real success of this mission was its conspicuousness.    There are chapters remaining in the design of the scenario’s play out, such as implicating the US, etc.  They’re just gravy to tempt a gullible press.  We’ll see….

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