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Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I am 13 and an  aspiring  jihadist in training  here on the Arabian peninsula.   The most popular trainees always get assignments to Europe or the US.   I’m not unpopular, but I am shy around people and sometimes am made fun of because I always want to do the right thing for Allah.  I would like to wage jihad in Russia but I’m afraid to share this with my friends for fear they will call me names like “unbeliever”.   Abby, I believe in Allah.   How can I tell them that where I want to wage jihad is up to me as a person and none of their business?  Signed,   Torn in Training

Dear Torn,

Just because ‘everyone is doing it’ doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  Stand up for what you believe regardless of what the ‘more popular’ trainees are doing.  However, you should remember that cultural attitudes differ according to region.  In Russia jihadists are  ‘hunted down and destroyed’.  In the US they are  ‘brought to justice.’  Keep this in mind when you make your final choice, and good luck!

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