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…And a Double for Madam Secretary

After a hard day spent testing the patience and credulity of our strategic foreign allies, the entourage and press corps traditionally enjoy spirited discussions of  party politics on their  flights home in  open bar class seating.    Here we see the chief envoy invested with the luster of another round of mutually productive discussions.  Elsewhere on board,  Anderson Cooper astonished members of the delegation with a demonstration of his amazing aptitude for journalistic self gratification while Candy Crowley frequently checked Madam Secretary for posterior freshness. Keith Olberman was disappointed twice.  First, when he discovered that the call button was not intended to take his Happy Meal order;   second, when he realized his, “who do I have to blow to get a drink around here”  joke, was no joke.    It was a great trip for the team.  See you next fall.


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