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The Czarina of Central Florida

Lara Bradburn has received the call.  As Mayor of Brooksville, Florida, she supports, “…the creation of a tobacco free workplace.”  Right, exactly what the amendment to Article X, Section 20 of the Florida Constitution created when it was passed on November 5th, 2002. As the crow flies, Brooksville and Tallahassee are roughly 180 miles apart.  Not  far enough, it would seem,  to have prevented Ms. Bradburn from hearing the news by now.  She says, “There’s no reason people should smoke,” and, “Nothing good ever came from smoking.”  We might add, for the benefit of Ms. Bradburn,  that nothing good ever came from an elected official imposing his personal views on the public.  Think about it.  Nothing ever good came from a car accident either, but we assume Ms. Bradburn will allow her residents to retain ownership of their vehicles.

Apparently, Ms. Bradburn has found and passed through the portal to personal perfection.  She will now grant Brooksville the privilege of embracing her wisdom.  What we have here is a new version of   Sonia Sotomayor’s  wise latina:   the wise cracker-lady mayor.

Ms. Bradburn, please reflect on the boundaries of municipal governmental responsibilities, and model your administration within those reasonable limits. Things like property taxes, zoning codes, utility rates, drainage, capital budgets and maintaining adequate police, fire and emergency services should certainly be more than enough to keep you busy all day, even in Brooksville.

Tomorrow morning, as you look into the mirror while reaching for the Ice Blue Secret, say this to yourself three times, “The Mayor is a public administrator.  The Mayor is not a personal advisor.”  Then click the heels of those pumps together and go to work.

Za Vas! And here's to the Mullet!

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