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159 More Reasons

FDR believed that the severity of the Depression was due to lower wages and prices caused by excessive competition which in turn, lowered demand and employment.  This was the theoretical justification  in arguing for the remedy of government economic planning. WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING?

Compared to the current administration, FDR was an amateur at government intervention.
Take a look.

Elsewhere, those advising us of the threat embodied by the “racist, homophobe, nutjob, tea-baggers,” will soon have a standard of comparison that will force some temperance on their feigned hysteria as video of the Arizona immigration bill protests hits the airwaves. Face it, when the veil of indignation is lifted, Mom and Pop are in reality, fairly charming in their sincerity. Hearing Obama characterize Arizona’s legislation as “misguided” reminds us of things a team that was just beaten by nine touchdowns, three field goals and a safety might say. But let’s get back to the worrisome Tea Party…

This video reminds us of a post from last September

As if this isn’t enough already, we have to throw in a recent episode from the confabulating clown himself…the Priest of Pushiness…the Raptor of Race…the FBI Informant…and the Bishop of Brawley….
Al Sharpton


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