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Campus Jihaddabee Evasive Against David Horowitz

The Muslim Student Association – perfect for “really bright but just a little overweight” ex-Goth “jihaddabee” sophomore girls (who aren’t getting any dawah), like Jomamma Immad Muesli Achso Banshee, who are looking for a meaningful campus social life. Plus the keffiyeh and headscarf are more flattering and sophisticated accessories than those old black jeans and XXXL tees. Wouldn’t it be great if she could spend a year or so somewhere, actually subjected to that good old fundamental Sharia law…“What? You have no free speech, you are crazy heretic woman! Bend over I give you Dawah! You want punish!(whap, whap!)…(goodbye loud mouth, goodbye keffiyeh, save me  Mom and Dad, hellooo GOP!). If fund raising is a problem for them, maybe that picture of Faisal looking suave, like an infidel  in sunglasses, would make a good poster. It could be another value added “martyr” thing. Click here for the 1991 memorandum outlining the general strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America (English translation begins on page 15).

The facade kind of crumbles when David Horowitz asks her the big question, “Do you support Hammas?” The fifth amendment can be heard moaning in the background. What? The Muslim Student Association sponsors a Hitler Youth Day and there’s no keg back at the clubhouse???!!! That’s collegiate heresy right there! Also, U.Cal San Diego deserves to be congratulated for sanctioning diversity among their student organizations, no matter how repulsively offensive the agendas of those organizations may be. We wonder if  UCSD  (or any school) has ever considered the profit potential of burkhas, head scarves and keffiyehs emblazoned with the school logo?  Since we own the rights to the idea as of today, pay up or we’ll be suing for our percentage.

“Thank you for coming and showing us what’s here…”

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