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Robert Rodriguez Blessing Audience With Machete

Art Generates Reverence

Bad Art Generates Revenue

The Seventies called…they want their movie back.

Keep in mind…if you’re found living in Mexico illegally, the sentence is an automatic two years (not to mention deportation without due process).  Name one country that allows (condones) illegal immigration. Just one. Remember when you lived abroad and had to register every year?  We do. Oh, you don’t?   That explains a lot about your take on this business.  And it certainly is a business, earning Mexico over one billion annually.   Somehow Robert Rodriguez has found it necessary  to establish a new genre – the mexploitation film.  Machete… all the racism of Birth of a Nation, minus all the cinematic significance. The major argument in favor of illegal immigration is essentially an “appeal to law” fallacy…based on the view that favorable legislation is justified by a moral imperative.  Sanctimony and opinion are hard at work here.  Debate on the issue is then suppressed by arguing the “nirvana” fallacy, contending that  unless the solution to the problem is perfect, it can’t be right.  Can you recognize the dead end here? Es esto bueno?  Hey Felipe, when you finish beating the lectern with your shoe, study up on East Berlin.  If we just give you a billion will you help out?  Could you at least take Richard Blumenthal back with you?  His stories about serving with Pancho Villa might be very entertaining.  Never mind,  we’ll just adopt (and enforce) the same immigration laws you have in Mexico.  Poof…problem solved, just like in Me-hi-co.  Non sequitur? 

A simmering Calderon of acuity…

Admit it, you have to love the guy.

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