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Who’s Crossing the Border?

The administration has stopped releasing the list of OTMs  (other than Mexicans) who are apprehended while entering the US illegally from Mexico. Georgia Rep. Paul Brown, a homeland security committee member, wasn’t even aware the list existed. Are the protests (ignorant as they are) over Arizona’s intent to enforce the law really just about economic opportunity? Link here to Atlanta’s WSB TV investigation of who’s coming through the back door in Arizona. It wouldn’t be a surprise to discover Hugo Chavez was running an underground railroad for the Anwar al Awlaki traveling horror show of terror through South America featuring weapons and drugs on the side. No it certainly wouldn’t. And hey, who let the Imam of the Evening out of prison in Yemen?

The Marx Brothers: Hugo, Imamo, Castro and Obamo

For example, click on list 23436558 below.  There you’ll see that on April 15, 2010, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence, AZ, booked 3 Afghans, 3 Cubans, 2 Egyptians, 3 Iraqis, 2 Jordanians, 1 Lebanese, 1 Moroccan, 1 Pakistani, 1 Russian, 1 Somalian and 1 Yemeni.  Those traveling alone obviously have a supportive destination waiting.  When’s the last time you traveled four thousand or more miles alone, illegally and surreptitiously, with no idea where you were going or what you were going to do?

Here are the lists released by WSB of the apprehended OTMs by nationality. 23436567 23436648 23436621 23436558
23436608 23436612 23436632

The Underground Railroad


Una triste situacion

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