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The Joe Sestak Not-Mohammed

This afternoon President Inoverhishead said, “There will be a response shortly on that issue… (the one about felonious election manipulation)…nothing inappropriate happened.”  That all depends on where “inappropriate” resides in your political lexicon (Tell Hillary we’ll give her Secretary of State if she’ll take a hike).  Ah, for the good old days when “just the appearance of impropriety” was sufficient to trigger hysterical demands from righteous and morally outraged dems for thorough investigations.   When the shoe’s on the other foot, we’re all supposed to do the “everybody does it”  dance.  (Actually it’s more like, “We do it all the time.  If Sestak weren’t such a Douche, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”)  Here’s your out:  Call Citizen Bill.  If he’ll own up to offering the Douche a Popsicle, we’re off the hook.  Never mind whether or not it makes sense.  It’s gold.  Just take care not to get between Citizen Bill and any cameras.  People have been injured that way.

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