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The Osama Hunters…Where Are They?

In view of the skills required and displayed by our forefathers in the taming of this continent, one wonders why we haven’t seen a ‘California Gold Rush’ of interest in hunting and capturing or killing  Osama bin Laden.

American sportsmen should be inundating Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Chad, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Cuba, and North Korea with permission to hunt requests. Paperwork? Let’s think about that. Hmmm, with a 50  million dollar reward on Osama’s head,  there would be enough to offer a split with the appropriate jurisdictional authorities as a means of leveraging  permission.   Similarly, it’s highly unlikely that the target would be able to outbid his hunters for protection.  For some reason, neither the great hunters nor the innovative investors of the United States have caught on to the available value offered by this deal and its numerous,  marketable variables.  Where else  (other than while being  a US  President,  a Somali warlord,   a Putin,  or an  African, South American or
Asian dictator)  can you legally get a five thousand  percent return on one million?

"In truth, at first everyone says the tent seems to smell. It is also true that you will get used to it."

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