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Olbermann Berates Bush For Golfing While Oil Spews

Oh wait…that was Obama chili-dipping the golf course last Saturday. The Friday before, that was Obama at the Washington Nationals ballgame. He’s some fan, leaving in the ninth inning before “his” White Sox finally bested the Nationals  2-1 in the eleventh inning.

Meanwhile, fetid oil spent the weekend marking its 61st and 62nd day spewing up from a nightmarish abyss, al-Qaida spent the weekend blowing up car bombs and killing 40-some people trying to have normal lives in Baghdad, unemployment spent the weekend increasing, Janet Napolitano spent the weekend constructing an argument for internet monitoringEric Holder spent the weekend trampling on the Constitution instead of reading it for the first time,  Osama spent the weekend at large,  oil drilling spent the weekend being  banned so the Gulf states can send their 3 billion in annual payroll to Brazil, and the NASDAQ spent the weekend  at a comatose 1.85% YTD return  ( -7.29%  3 year, 1.07%  5 year).  Good grief, are you people serious?  Well that depends on what you’re prepared to be serious about.  If you’re serious about flipping out over Alvin Green winning the South Carolina democrat primary, confiscating private property, perpetuating the myth of green jobs , crippling industry and commerce with cap and trade legislation, destroying the health care system with byzantine regulations, bloviating over global warming, and just generally wrecking everything in sight, then you are either already employed by, or have submitted your application for a position in this incompetent train wreck of an administration now known as the “Tobamatanic.”  Uh, Herr Olbernmann, where’s the unctuous sanctimony?   Where’s the righteous indignation?  Where’s the swaggering bluster, the condescending scorn?  Olbermann, you are the intellectual  equivalent of a triple root canal minus the fun.   So now, ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present to you…the biggest toilet trained talking monkey on a leash ever to be useful in captivity…the “raging  silver-back of social justice”…the “O’Reilly of ridicule”…the “king of condescension”…the “Wm. Buckley of buffoonery”…the “carping captain of commentary”…Keith (Just Shut The Hell Up Mr. President) Olbermannnnnnn!

“You Sir, are beyond the comprehension of that which shames the beyond of those which must endure the human  imbecility  of you who have no understanding of  the decency of that which humanity is!   I mean that with the least possible respect for a universe in which either my intellect or that somewhere certainly lurks something larger which obviously must be greater here than yours, Sir!” Repeat this clausal disaster while looking straight into the mirror with a sullen and apocalyptic demeanor…poof, you’re Olbermann.

Actually it’s  “Shank-o-POTUS

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