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The Mendacity Of George (Heil) Soros and the “Bubble of American Supremacy”

George Soros, what a guy.  However, saving the planet, fighting global warming, and funding all kinds of obstructive media outlets and clean energy nonsense is great until you hear the Sirens of fossil fuel singing just off the Brazilian shore. It’s hard to keep a lid on mendacity at this scale.  What a guy….a Hungarian  Ajax who will do anything to win Achilles’ armor.  Soros wrote “The Bubble of American Supremacy,”  and thus made himself  the definition of  U.S. betrayal on wheels…”bubble of supremacy?”  Bubble?  Like the bubble of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, etc., etc.?  Really?  Are you serious?  Nothing about feeding the world?  Nothing about  spending billions on foreign aid, year after year?  Nothing about massive disaster aid at the drop of a hat, wherever  the disaster?  No, all we ever hear is that old saw about the US being such and such a percentage of world population that greedily consumes such and such a percentage of world resources.  Enough already.  Perhaps Mr. Soros, living in his bubble of bullshit,  would like to compare his historical record of  service to humanity and the world to that of the United States?   The entire world depends on that bubble as you say.  Let’s all hope the bubble doesn’t burst.   Soros is a selfish economic  predator.  He is a kind of modern organ grinder,  for whom Keith Olbermann  and so  many others in the press,  perform like trained monkeys, perpetuating  hateful propaganda on command, in lieu of gathering  either pennies or truth.   In spite of his guilt as an accomplice of the third reich,  Soros has remained free to pursue his duplicitous activities.   Despite  having temporarily escaped responsibility, in this life, for your Brechtian deeds,  you will never  be rich enough to absolve yourself of your guilt.  The world should do more with less of you.  Really Gyorgy, it’s okay to spend time eating spaghetti in a really, really  large boat on the Mediterranean.  Lots of rich old guys do it.  More fun for you, less aggravation  for the rest of us.  It’s time to take a deep breath and say, “Auf  Wiedersehen,”  Herr Soros.

"Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." -George Orwell

…like a global warming advocate who invests 900 million in fossil fuel production or, as they say, non-renewable energy…you know- the “bad” kind?  Only if it’s being produced in the US apparently.

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