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Samir Shabazz Says Newman “My Favorite Motherf-ing Cracker”

The suddenly popular cracker-hating, Khmer Rouge inspired, icon of the surreal, King Samir Shabazz (Maurice Heath), who will be starring  in  “Down by Shabazz,” a new movie by Robert Rodriguez (late of  “Machete” fame), cited fellow useful idiot, Randy Newman as  his favorite cracker song writer-vocal artist during an interview staged to promote the pending cinematic venture.  “This movie explore  my  desire to kill me some crackers on a metaphysical level,”  Shabazz said, adding,  “To me,  Newman’s work open up underlying paths of theoretical inquiry relative to implementation of that desire…like he sayin’  it  cool to jus’ maybe  kill like half all white people. You know, his message give me some discipline and help me like understand  that my philosophy gotta have boundaries to make it real in both communities -not just the black but the racist oppressor honky fey whore cracker white  too.”   Also revealed in the interview was the movie’s tag line which read, “Yesterday he was a decent black man living a decent life. Now he’s a violent, psycho racist who must kill white people to stay in the public eye.” He beingreminds us of the even-tempered mother-in-law…pissed off all the time.  It’s too bad Maurice has neither found a way to put his inalienable rights to better use, nor realized there’s no such thing as collective salvation…. reality continues to invert itself.  As Speaker Pea-Nanny says, “This balance between freedom and safety is one we have to carefully……um…balance.”

The lawyers’ pleas (as of 7/17/10)  have apparently been successful in the effort to black out Samir’s video in which he calls for the killing of white people…and their babies..Now it’s become unavailable for the reason they call, “terms of use violation.”  What it really means is that the video,  being  so overwhelmingly repulsive,  and so clearly  evident of guilt,  must be removed lest the loudmouth be proven a felonious loudmouth yet again.  The “kill me some crackers” video has been disappeared.  What would have happened to a kill me some niggers and their babies video? Way to go Malik.
August 10, ’10 update- Thanks to National Geographic for providing a substitute source for video of Maurice Heath’s infamous rant. We’re happy to have it back up.

Coming Soon:  Hollywood insiders report Obama farce unlikely to be renewed beyond first season run.

Breaking:  Clinton agrees to serve Tuesdays and Thursdays in oval office.

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