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News From Around the Caliphate

A review of recent broadcasts by prominent middle eastern thinkers, teachers, historians, and social theoreticians….

1. Egyptian researcher Muhammad Galaa Idris:  The Pope is either a Jew or has been judaized.  (there goes the old saw, “Is the Pope catholic?”)

2. Egyptian Islamist Muhammad Saad Al-Azhari opposed to clause in constitution preventing sex trafficking.  (mess with my child bride and you’ll be messin’ with me)

3.  Egyptian attorney Tareq Hamed:  The Jews helped Hitler with the gas chambers.  (plus they killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya)

4.  Tunisian children recite Al-Qaeda song extolling 9/11.  (“Our Terror is Blessed”)

5.  Lebanese journalist Ghaleb Kandil:  U.S. founded by criminals fleeing from justice.  (“…thieves, highway robbers, bank robbers, and criminals…”)

Meanwhile, Felix Baumgartner, with the assistance of infidel crusader technology, hopped out of his capsule at an altitude of 128,100 feet, reached mach 1.24 during free fall, and safely completed his world record sky dive from the edge of space.

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