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Happy Independence Day

Notwithstanding the “Biden Insurance” it’s time to impeach this idiot


Wow, my neighborhood sounds like Egypt or Syria or Benghazi

Happy 4th of July!

I know, right?


Insights of the Breathless Enthusiasts

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Hey Hey Hey…Whether explained with exuberant ebonics or with the solemnity of a sophomore philosopher, these insights are truly inspiring in the worst sense of the word….

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Reblog from September 1, 2009……..

Paris is the Capital of Rome

Cambridge, MA, September 1, 2009

In a meeting with invited press representatives, David Axelrod, as head of  the President’s reelection juggernaut, announced that the campaign’s upcoming theme for  2012 will be “A Do-Over for America.”  “We’re asking Americans to continue to step up and work to support the important issues embodied by our key points and meaningful phrases, regardless of race, gender, or sexual identity,” Mr. Axelrod said, adding, “Remember what the President wants you to do to help create a strong and vibrant America. One in which we remain committed to the issues that are important and the things that must yet be done.”  Following a brief question and answer session, Mr. Axelrod closed the presentation by reading the following message from the President, “Your continuing energy, enthusiasm, passion, and activism are fundamental to the ongoing process of creating the America we can believe in.  Your commitment to “A…

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Picture Game

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Which of the following pictures doesn’t belong?

The Duke

The Nuke

The Fluke

The Puke

The Beaut

(Answer:  All of the above)



Song of the Insufficiency of Human Aspiration

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Paris is the Capitol of Rome welcomes critical review of this translation.

Life With Obama

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Welcome to the ‘party’….

Shift Change

workers’ paradise