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Benghazi Diversion

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment

The question is not how the story was spun after the event. The question is why requests for additional security were ignored prior to the event.  One squad of Marines deployed on time as requested and the attack at Benghazi would have resulted in a resounding victory rather than a squalid embarrassment for O’Blaima.  Instead, men died and O’Blaima chose to lie. In a world where Malala Yousufzai can suffer being shot by taliban gunmen for her advocacy of education for girls, we’d like to remind our future President of the United States, Mitt Romney, of the intransigent hate his new (and improved) State Department will be confronting. Once upon a time, for an American President, brokering peace between Israel and Palestine was considered the epitome of middle eastern foreign policy. Now that the US has, by default, armed the entire region, rhetoric has similarly become weaponized:

Salam Abd Al-Qawl– “Our hatred of the Jews is based upon our faith. The Koran tells us to hate them, not to love them.”

Muhammad Hussein Yaaqub– “If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not.  Your belief regarding the Jews should be, first, that they are infidels, and second, that they are enemies. They are enemies not because they occupied Palestine. They would have been enemies even if they did not occupy a thing.”

Muhammad Al-Muraikhi– ” We will treat the Jews as our enemies even if they return Palestine to us because they are infidels.”

Wael Al-Zarad– “In short, these are the Jews. As muslims, our blood vengeance against them will only subside with their annihilation, allah willing, because they tried to kill the prophet several times.”

Mas’oud Anwar– “The worst enemies of the muslims, after satan, are the Jews. Who said this? Allah did.”


Memorial Day 2010: The Sixth Anniversary of the World Peace Towers

Without blinking an eye, America became steeled in its resolve to rebuild the destroyed World Trade Center Towers in the aftermath of the 9-11 tragedy.  No amount of self-interest, economic concern or political manipulation was ever a factor as our Nation called out with a unified voice to demand the immediate reconstruction of the towers.  In our unity of purpose, we agreed there could be no better way to both honor the souls tragically lost in a disastrous, unwarranted attack and defy those who would pursue  paths of hate and murder against US.

The Tragedy of 09-11-2001

Progress Image 9-11-2003

Progress Image 01-01-2004

Opening Day, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day 2010

Who’s Crossing the Border?

The administration has stopped releasing the list of OTMs  (other than Mexicans) who are apprehended while entering the US illegally from Mexico. Georgia Rep. Paul Brown, a homeland security committee member, wasn’t even aware the list existed. Are the protests (ignorant as they are) over Arizona’s intent to enforce the law really just about economic opportunity? Link here to Atlanta’s WSB TV investigation of who’s coming through the back door in Arizona. It wouldn’t be a surprise to discover Hugo Chavez was running an underground railroad for the Anwar al Awlaki traveling horror show of terror through South America featuring weapons and drugs on the side. No it certainly wouldn’t. And hey, who let the Imam of the Evening out of prison in Yemen?

The Marx Brothers: Hugo, Imamo, Castro and Obamo

For example, click on list 23436558 below.  There you’ll see that on April 15, 2010, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence, AZ, booked 3 Afghans, 3 Cubans, 2 Egyptians, 3 Iraqis, 2 Jordanians, 1 Lebanese, 1 Moroccan, 1 Pakistani, 1 Russian, 1 Somalian and 1 Yemeni.  Those traveling alone obviously have a supportive destination waiting.  When’s the last time you traveled four thousand or more miles alone, illegally and surreptitiously, with no idea where you were going or what you were going to do?

Here are the lists released by WSB of the apprehended OTMs by nationality. 23436567 23436648 23436621 23436558
23436608 23436612 23436632

The Underground Railroad


Una triste situacion

Airline Safety

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What if selecting a target included the risk of becoming a target?

Dear Abby

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Dear Abby,

I am 13 and an  aspiring  jihadist in training  here on the Arabian peninsula.   The most popular trainees always get assignments to Europe or the US.   I’m not unpopular, but I am shy around people and sometimes am made fun of because I always want to do the right thing for Allah.  I would like to wage jihad in Russia but I’m afraid to share this with my friends for fear they will call me names like “unbeliever”.   Abby, I believe in Allah.   How can I tell them that where I want to wage jihad is up to me as a person and none of their business?  Signed,   Torn in Training

Dear Torn,

Just because ‘everyone is doing it’ doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  Stand up for what you believe regardless of what the ‘more popular’ trainees are doing.  However, you should remember that cultural attitudes differ according to region.  In Russia jihadists are  ‘hunted down and destroyed’.  In the US they are  ‘brought to justice.’  Keep this in mind when you make your final choice, and good luck!

Holy Terror

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To the gungho-ly warrior,  too frenzied to wait a few years for his delerium to subside,  we offer yet another reason for caution on your part.   In light of the dim view Sharia law  takes toward gambling as a form of recreation,  you might ask your mullah to explain exactly why you’re being ordered to gamble with your afterlife.  And please don’t fail to recognize the irony in the argument that, “It’s a matter of faith.”   Faith  is also the primary device in the gamblers kit of risk minimization tools.  After all, everyone believes they will win.  If not this time, then certainly the next.  The difference is, in your case, there won’t be a next time. Also, you never know when somebody might run out of patience and take it out on you….

Rational Thinking Will Previal

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Worth watching in its entirety…

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